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Ms Nancy


Allow us to introduce Nancy, a naughty little minx, with a tendency to be somewhat kinky. If you're a bit bored with run of the mill, this young lady will be a pleasant change.

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I am Shikha


Shikha will charm you with her smile, her stunning figure and her versatile skills. Nothing gives her greater pleasure than a night out in your company.

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Stunning Stella


Stunning Stella will take your breath away. This saucy young lady has sexy curves and a face so beautiful that you will be unable to resist her considerable charms.

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Latest Female Escorts in Mumbai


Sexy Khusbu is taking you down and we don't see you complaining about it. This blonde beauty will read you your rights and, it goes without saying, that they are some very generous and imaginative rights.


She's cute, sassy and vivacious, full of youthful energy and new ideas. A young lady that you can take anywhere because her charm will wow any crowd. Jiya can match the pace of your busy lifestyle but can you keep up with her in her area of expertise?


Reetu is a sexy little minx. She's a beautiful young woman with a lot of class. Take her out, let her charm and beguile you and all you meet. Take her home and find out the full extent.


Sometimes you meet a woman and you have to rub your eyes to be sure that she is real. Sonal is that woman. This is the girl from your fantasies, if we hadn't met her we wouldn't believe that she was real either the sweetest, most beautiful face, the most unbelievable, curvaceous body.


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